HMA! VPN for iPhone / iPad

To connect your iPhone or iPad through HMA, you can either use the free app available
on the App Store,or configure your connection manually.

A free & user-friendly iPhone App

HMA VPN iPhone App 1
HMA VPN iPhone App 1

Not much we can say, here… Username, Password, Location. Go!

Perhaps just remind you that you can use HMA on as many devices as you want with one single subscription?
Two at a time, but that should be enough for most of us…

iPhone VPN

Manual Configuration

Setting up a PPTP or L2TP VPN connection for your iPhone or iPad using HMA! is a very simple process too. As both protocols are built into iOS, you won't need to install any additional software.

Once registered, you'll be able to access the required information in your Control Panel → Software & help → Manually set-up VPN

iOS PPTP Setup

1. Tap Settings → General → VPN → PPTP (General → Network → VPN on iOS 4)

2. In the PPTP Panel:

  • Description: anything you like (e.g. HMA-iPhone)
  • Server:  the IP of one of the PPTP servers you'll choose from the list you'll find in your Control Panel.
  • Account: your HMA VPN account Username
  • RAS SecurID: leave this OFF
  • Password: enter your PPTP password (it will appear above the PPTP Servers list in your Control Panel)
  • Encryption Level: set to “Auto”
  • Send All Traffic: leave ON
  • Save your settings and… set VPN to ON

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