HMA! VPN Mac Software Overview

A True Mac OS X Application to manage your VPN connections...

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HMA Mac Dashboard

VPN Connection Made Really Simple!

  1. Launch HMA! Pro VPN Software from your Applications folder.
  2. Enter your Userername and Password (chosen during registration).
  3. Check the checkboxes to suit your preferences.
  4. Choose your preferred protocol and the VPN server you want to connect to.
  5. Click the “Connect to VPN button!

If asked if you want to install the free Growl notification system, answer ‘yes' unless it's already installed on your Mac. You'll be able to adjust its settings in System Preferences, on a per-application basis.

HMA Mac Connected

You are now safely connected!

The dashboard has updated and displays your new IP address and virtual location. Your traffic is now safely encrypted and your online identity hidden. HMA!'s Dashboard allows you to quickly HMA! VPN Menu Bar Macswitch between VPN servers, change your Mac's IP address any time you want, or schedule a random IP address change at set intervals.

You can also click HMA!'s icon in the menu bar to quickly connect or disconnect your VPN connection, change your IP address or show HMA!'s main interface.

HMA Mac Country Selection

700 VPN Servers in 190 countries and growing!

Selecting the country you want to virtually reside in and choosing among 848 VPN servers is made really easy: in addition to the “Quick VPN country change” menu we've seen previously, HMA! provides a ‘full view' of its servers.

Servers can be displayed either by cities or by locations, or you can use the handy search field. Expand the list if you wish, and choose the VPN server you want to use. If there's a less loaded server close to the one you selected, you'll be given the option to connect to it instead for better performance (recommended unless you have a good reason not to…).

HMA Mac IP Settings

Control over your IP Settings

This panel gives you the ability to quickly change your IP address, either manually or at set intervals, as you see fit: just set a time in minutes / seconds and HMA! software will assign you a new IP address automatically. Of course, if you need to maintain an established connection at all times (pending download or other), don't use this option!

Note that you can also quickly change your IP by clicking on the hma icon in the menu bar.

If you need an additional proof that your online identity has indeed been changed, you'll get it by choosing among several third-party IP-checkers websites.

HMA Mac IP Settings

Secure IP Binding for Extra Security

This feature adds a lot of extra security to VPN use. It allows you to automatically disable selected apps when there is no VPN running – ensuring you'll have certain apps running only behind the encrypted internet connection.

This is important to avoid accidental IP blacklisting.

HMA Mac Speed Guide

Speed Guide for best performance

As seen before, HMA! implements “load-balancing” for optimal performance. But that's not all: HMA! software also provides a very handy Speed Guide, that will allow you to choose the fastest servers for your location & connection, saving you a lot of testing time.

Just select the servers you want to compare and choose the kind of test you want to run on them: simple ping test, Express Test or Full Test. You can even test by protocol type! Please note that you cannot run a test while already connected to a VPN server.

All your tests are stored in the History tab for easy access & export.

HMA Mac Proxy Settings

Sitting behind a Proxy? No problem!

If you have a direct connection to the internet –DSL or Cable, modem, etc., you won't need to access this tab: “Direct connection to Internet” is selected by default.

But if you are sitting behind a proxy server, at work or at school, you'll be able to configure your connection accordingly and very easily in HMA! software. Both HTTP and SOCKS proxies are supported.

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